Adam - Sin

photo by: Chris Kotsiopoulos.
   The Eternal love between the Heavenly Father and Son motivated their desire to expand the Eloheyem Family by creating perfectly formed angelic beings. The glorious gift of spiritual life is a powerful union with the Father. The unexpected shook the universe  when Lucifer led a third of the angels in rebellion against the Heavenly Government. Spiritual warfare cast the rebels into a place of bondage called Tartarus. (2Pe 2:4)
logosres:louwnida;ref=LouwNida.1.25;off=1ταρταρόω: [Tartarus]is mistranslated as hell, Tartarosas: means to cause to remain in a state of restraint, to hold in Bondage in Gloomy Dungeons with Chains of Darkness; waiting for Judgement} 


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge1.26  (Ge 1:26)
Hope for the Eloheyem Family renewed with the restoration of the earth. A man was formed and pattern in the image and likeness of the Father and Son. The Son breathed spirit into the man of dust. Life is now powerful if sensitive; self–propagating yet fragile.

Adam was different than the Angels. 
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.120אָדָם [ʾadam /aw·dawm/] translates as “man”}

The Eternal protected the reordered creation by His Spirit of Peace and life was very good. Logos rested on the Sabbath day and walked with Adam in the garden of paradise.
[The original Hebrew sentence states] 
The Heavenly and the earthly the Eternal restrained (KaLaH); even the angels (TSaBaH).

logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3607{  כָּלָה [kalaʾ /kaw·law/] KaLaH: translates as “shut up”, “restrained”}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.6635{  צֹבֶה [tsabaʾ, tsâbaʾah /tsaw·baw/]  TSaBaH: translates as “host”, “war”, “army”, “battle”}

(Job 38:4-16; 2Pe 2:4; Ro 8:19-20; 21-22)
 Restraining Lucifer would give Adam and Eve the opportunity to grow in love for each other and conceive and raise children that would be taught the laws and government of the Eternal Father.

[The spiritual realm is portrayed as a vast ocean and the life in each person maybe moved like waters of the rolling waves] 
(Job 9:8; Ps 42:7-8; 107:29;   Is 48:18; 51:15; 16; Je 2:13; Zec 10:11; 14:8; Jn 7:38; Is 11:9; Ps 42:2; Is 55:1; Re 21:6; 7; Jn 4:14)

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge2.15  (Ge 2:15-16; 17) 
Logos the Son: taught Adam about the spiritual laws that govern creation and demonstrated a caring nature for all of life. Adam understood his personal responsibility in making choices. Logos warned Adam about the danger of wondering away from the clear instructions he had received. Adam was commanded, "Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil," that would bring death.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge2.18  (Ge 2:18; 21-22; 23-24; 25)
Logos knew Adam's need to understand his purpose for life.  The first woman was formed to be a help mate. The marriage bond is a powerful union of hearts and minds; in body and Spirit. Within a loving relationship the gift of conceiving and nurturing children may mirror the parents union. Love is like a reflection and reveals the deep nature of the heart. 
logosres:twot;ref=TWOT.TWOT_No._137a אִשָּׁה (ʾiššâh) woman, wife, female}  

SIN - that - DIVIDES

logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5175 נָחָשׁ [nachash /naw·khawsh/]  From 5172; "enchanter", translates as “serpent”}

 Jn 8:38; 44; 1Jn 2:4;  Job 3:8; 41:1-3; 4-6; 7-9; 10-12; 13-15; 16-18; 19-21; 22-24; 25-27; 28-30; 31-34;  Ps 74:12-14; Is 27:1-5; Is 51:9-11; 2Co 4:4; 11:14; Re 12:3-9; 12:13-17; 13:2-4;  11; 16:13; 20:2; Jn 12:31;  16:11

 logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.1  (Ge 3:1)
Lucifer is now called Satan which means adversary. Satan is described as a (NaCHaSH) serpent, Leviathan and great Dragon. Satan's spirit opposes the laws of the Heavenly Father. 
(Jn 8:44) 
Satan craftily corrupts truth and creates lies that destroy life. 
(Jn 3:6; 8) 
The spiritual realm can be like the wind. Adam and Eve were walking in the garden when a wind began to blow . Then Eve heard a voice from the shadows saying, "Did Eloheyem really say you must not eat of (ANY) tree of the garden? Satan tried to confuse Eve and make her question the instructions of Logos. 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.2  (Ge 3:2-3)
The Spirit of the Eternal reminds Eve that there is a spiritual fruit that causes division in the garden of Life and brings Death to Loving Unions.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.4  (Ge 3:4-5)
The shadowy voice seemed to echo in Eve's mind, "you will not be put to death; when you listen to me; you will perceive and understand and you will be like Eloheyem knowing good and evil."
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.6  (Ge 3:6)
Eve guarded these thoughts in her heart,"i will gain value and possess my desire with selfish wisdom." then Eve turned to Adam and said, "can you do anything you want?" Adam said, "yes."
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.7  (Ge 3:7; 8; 9-11)
Suddenly a flood of desires overwhelmed Adam and Eve. They felt naked because the Peaceful Spiritual covering of the Eternal had left them. Now Logos was walking in the garden and He knew what had happened: but He asked, "Did you disobey my commandments?"
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.12  (Ge 3:12-13)
Adam thought of blaming his wife or maybe even Logos was responsible for his choice. Eve said the deceiver tricked her. 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.14  (Ge 3:14; 15)
 Logos said to the Deceiver, "I know you do not serve mankind; but you feed upon their death and destruction and their dust will be your food!" Logos promised Eve that He would help her reject the deceiver and that a future child of a woman would defeat Satan's spiritual influence; but Satan is still dangerous and strikes at mankind like a snake!
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.16  (Ge 3:16)
Eve now understands that the struggle against Satan will be painful and giving birth to children may have many sorrows. Eve will still desire her husband and Adam needs to be a leader.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.17  (Ge 3:17; 18-19)
Because Adam followed Eve. He knowingly disobeyed Logos. Now life will be harder  and bad choices produce consequences; like briers and thorns in a garden. All of Adam's hard labor will still end in Death?
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logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.20  (ge 3:20) 
Adam named his wife Eve the mother of all the living.
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.2332חַוָּה [Chavvah /khav·vaw/] translates as “Eve”


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.21  (Ge 3:21) 
Logos sacrificed the lives of some animals to make garments of skins to cover Adam and Eve. [The Passover sacrifice is like a covering to pass over a sinful past and restore a right relationship with the Eternal] Now Adam and Eve know that there is good and evil; but they must learn to choose the good. Only a person that Loves Truth and is faithfully obedient will receive Eternal Life.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge3.24  (Ge 3:24) 
 The way to the Tree of Life is protected and only those that love Righteousness and Truth will be allowed to receive Eternal Life.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.1  (Ge 4:1-2)
Soon Eve gave birth to children. their first son was named Cain: which can mean possession and Eve thought she had received a man (The YeSH = Hero) from the Eternal... The second son is named Abel: meaning breath. 
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.7014{  קַיִן [Qayin /kah·yin/]  Cain = “possession”Kenite = “smiths”}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.376{  אִישׁ [ʾiysh /eesh/] man,  champion, great man}  
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.1893 הֶבֶל [Hebel /heh·bel/]  Abel = “breath”}

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logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.3  (Ge 4:3-4)
The appointed time is the continuing remembrance of Logos sacrificing innocent animal life for the purpose of covering Adam and Eve's nakedness that was caused by sin. Cain and Abel remembered to make an offering to the Eternal: 
(Ex 12:26-27; 34:25; 26; Le 23:4-5; 1Pe 1:19-20; Eph 1:4-10; Heb 11:4; 12:23-24; Jn 17:24) 
Logos is Melchizedek the spokesman for the Eternal. 
(Gen 14:18; 19; 20) 
Also, Abraham and Lot remembered the appointed time and the required unleavened bread offering?. 
(Gen 18:6; 19:3)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Pe1.16 (1Pe 1:16-17)
Logos desired to continue helping mankind overcome Satan's spiritual influence.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Le23.1  (Le 23:1-2)
Sabbaths are appointed times and for making offerings.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.6  (Ge 4:6-7)
Logos spoke to Cain," if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” 
ogosres:dblhebr;ref=HebrewGK.HGK2633{  חַטָּאת (ḥǎṭ∙ṭā(ʾ)ṯ)  The basic meaning of the root is to miss a mark or a way  sin, wrong, iniquity, i.e., that which is an offense against a standard}
ogosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.8  (Ge 4:8-9; 1Jn 3:12)
Cain was jealous of Abel and kills his brother.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.10  (Ge 4:10-12) 
The Eternal Logos confronts Cain's sin of murder.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.13  (Ge 4:13-14)
Cain is cast out from the presence of Logos and his punishment is to be a wanderer.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.15  (Ge 4:15-16)
Logos reminds that the law against murder; also covers anyone that kills Cain and all sin is punished.

 CAIN and ENOCH --- [Training Sons for Lawlessness]

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.17  (Ge 4:17) 
Cain and his wife have a son  and name him Enoch; which means to train. Cain also built the city of Enoch to be a place for training.

logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.2585{  חֲנׄוךְ,  [Chanowk /khan·oke/]  Enoch = “dedicated”, "train up"} 
[Cain dedicated his son and trained his son to be like him.]

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.18  (Ge 4:18; 19-20; 21-22)
Six generations after Cain: Enoch, Irad, Methujael, Methushael, Lamech, Tubal-cain and the city becomes a place to  train for war. Lamech is the first man to have two wives and  is probably the man that killed Adam and his decendant Enoch. 
(Ge 4:23-24) 
Lamech' son; Tubal-cain is a metal smith and likely formed the weapons for war.

logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5897עִירָד [ʿIyrad /ee·rawd/]  Irad = “fleet”,to be swift, a watcher or guardian of a city.}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.4232{ , מְחִיָּיאֵל [Mâchuwyaʾel, Mâchiyyaʾel /mekh·oo·yaw·ale/]  Mehujael = “smitten by El”.}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.4967 מְתוּשָׁאֵל [Mâthuwshaʾel /meth·oo·shaw·ale/]  Methusael = “who is of god.} 
[ Satan is the god of Evil]
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3929{  לֶמֶךְ [Lemek /leh·mek/] Lamech = “powerful”.}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5711 עָדָה [ʿAdah /aw·daw/]  Adah = “ornament”.}[Adah is a wife of Lamech and mother of  Jabal and Jubal]
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.2989{  יָבָל [Yabal /yaw·bawl/]  the son of Lamech by Adah and brother of Jubal;  Jabal = “stream of water”, or to "lead"; dwellt in tents and raised cattle.}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3106{  יוּבַל [Yuwbal /yoo·bawl/]  the son of Lamech by Adah and the inventor of musical instruments.  Jubal = “stream”,  rams horn or trumpet}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.6741 צִלָּה [Tsillah /tsil·law/]  the 2nd wife of Lamech and mother of Tubal-cain, an instructor of every craftsman in bronze and iron.:Zillah = “shade”.}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.8423{  תּוּבַל קַיִן [Tuwbal, Qayin /too·bal kah·yin/]  son of Lamech by his wife Zillah and a worker of metal. Tubal-cain = “thou will be brought of Cain”.
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5279 נַעֲמָה  [Naʿamah /nah·am·aw/]  daughter of Lamech by his wife Zillah and sister of Tubal-cain in the days before the flood.  Naamah = “loveliness”.}
[Some people think Naamah was the wife of Ham; Noah's son]

ADAM and SETH --- [The Sons of Righteousness]

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge4.25  (Ge 4:25-26) 
These are the generations of Adam: He had another son named Seth. Seth had a son named Enowsh and they began to call on the name of the Eternal Yehawah for help.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge5.3  (Ge 5:3-4; 6-7; 9-10; 12-13; 15-16; 18-19; 21-22; 25-26; 28-29; 32)                                                                                                                          Adam had a son in his image and likeness; named Seth.
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.8351 שֵׁת [sheth /shayth/] Seth: SHeTH = set in place or foundation of FAMILY (son of Adam and Eve) compensation.}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.583{  אֱנׄושׁ [ʾEnowsh /en·ohsh/] Enosh: ENoWuSH = husband and father of mankind (son of Seth)}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.7018{  קֵינָן [Qeynan /kay·nawn/] Kenan: QaYeNaN = possession (son of Enosh)}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.4111{  מַהֲלַלְאֵל [Mahalalʾel /mah·hal·al·ale/] Mahalalel: MaHaLaL-EL = praise of Eloheyem (son of Kenan)}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3382{  יֶרֶד [Yered /yeh·red/]  Jared: YeReD = descend or to bring down (he worked to defeat Evil). (son of Mahalal-EL)}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.2585  חֲנׄוךְ [Chanowk /khan·oke/] Enoch: CHoNuWah = dedicate (son of Jared is dedicated to serve Eloheyem)}

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge5.24  (Ge 5:24)
Enoch walked with Logos the Spokesman: of the Eloheyem Family
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jud14  (Jude 14)
Enoch spoke of the promised Messiah that would establish the government of Eloheyem on earth. Enoch was a teacher of Righteousness and apposed the Wicked and Lawless behavior of the descendants of Cain. Lamech the father of Tubal-cain is probably the murder of Enoch.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Heb11.5  (Heb 11:5; 6)
Enoch was unaware of his death when his life was taken.  Stephen also was freed from the pains of death like Enoch. 
(Acts 7:54-55; 56-57; 58-59; 60)
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.4968{  מְתוּשֶׁלַח [Mâthuwshelach /meth·oo·sheh·lakh/]  son of Enoch, 6th in descent from Seth, and father of Lamech. Methuselah = “man of the dart”. (a mighty defender) }
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3929 לֶמֶךְ [Lemek /leh·mek/] Lamech: LaMeCH = powerful (son of Methuselah)} 
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5146{  נׄוחַ [nuwach, nowach /noo·akh/]Noah: NoWaCH = resting place (son of Lamech) }

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge5.29  (Ge 5:29)   
Noah will bring Rest from the curse. Adam and Eve sinned by eating of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. 
(Ge 2:17; 3:16; 17; 18-19) 
When Adam and Eve listen to the lies of Satan ; then their hearts and minds were divided. 
(Ge 3:4-5) 
Now all mankind must choose. Will people listen to the Eternal and Love Truth. 
(Jn 6:45)
Or will they listen to Satan and Love Lies and Evil. 
(Jn 8:44) 
The descendants of the family of Cain also brought a curse by all the  blood of murder that was poured out onto the earth.  
(Ge 4:11)

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge5.32  (Ge 5:32)      
When Noah was 500 years old; He had 3 sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth.                                             logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.8035 שֵׁם [Shem /shame/] Shem: SHeM = name or renown}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.2526{  חָם [Cham /khawm/] Ham: CHaM = hot}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3315 יֶפֶת [Yepheth /yeh·feth/] Japheth: YePHaTH = he opens} 

GOOD - vs - EVIL

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.1  (Ge 6:1-2)  
The descendant of Cain considered themselves to be the sons of The Eternal. But they disobeyed the commandment; to only have one wife. 
(Ge 2:24) 
Men lusted after beautiful women and began taking many wives to each man. Lamech had two wives and also boasted of killing two men. 
(Ge 4:23) 
Both Adam and Enoch's death may have been caused by Lamech. Murder is sin.  
(Ge 4:7; 10)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.3  (Ge 6:3)   
Then Yehawah: Logos said, "My Spirit (RuWaCh) will not strive (duwon) with man or keep him alive forever. During the days of Noah the Logos allowed Mankind 120 yrs to Repent of lawless wickedness. (1Pe 3:19-20)
logosres:dblhebr;ref=HebrewGK.HGK1878{  דּוּן (dûwon) } DuWoN: dwell with or keep alive (also; rule or judge or contend with)}

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.4  (Ge 6:4)     
The Nephilim refers to descendants of Seth and the Righteous Ones; before the Flood and after . Noah and his son Shem continued their Heroic leadership in the new world.
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5303{  נְפִילִים [nâphiyel, nâphil /nef·eel/]  Nephilim: NePH-YeLeYeM =  powerful men (spiritual heroes in battles against evil;like Shem (renown))
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.1368{  גִּבֹּור [gibbowr,] GiBoRiM: mighty men, champions, upright men and excellent, valiant}
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.8034 שֵׁם [shem /shame/] SHeM; means; man of renown, reputation, glory, memorial to Eloheyem} 


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.5  (Ge 6:1-2; 3; 5)   
The family of Cain had become completely wicked and they were killing the family of Seth the son of Adam.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.6  (Ge 6:6; 7)
Yehawah: Logos and the Father Judged the family of Cain by bring a flood over the whole earth.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.8  (Ge 6:4; 8-9)   
Noah was a righteous man and walked with Eloheyem. Noah was the last leader of the family of Shem still alive. Noah's family are the only Nephilim to survive after the flood.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.11  (Ge 6:11-12; 13)   
Yehawah: Logos speaks to Noah about the destruction coming on the whole earth. The Eternal has judged the wicked and will end the lives of violent and lawless people by a great flood. 
(Gen 6:17; 2Pe 2:5; 1Pe 3:20) 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge6.14  (Ge 6:14-15)
Logos instructs Noah to build a great ark to save his family and preserve many pairs of animals to repopulate the earth. 
(Ge 6:18; 19-20; 21-22; 7:1; 2-3; 4; 5-6; )
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge7.7  (Ge 7:7-8; 9-10)   
Noah and his family entered the ark and waited seven days as they witnessed Logos gathering the seven pairs of clean livestock and one pair of unclean creatures to the ark . when all had entered the ark ; Logos shut the door and sealed it tight then the rains began. 
(Ge 7:11; 12-13; 14; 15-16)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge8.13  (Ge 8:13-14)
All air breathing creatures; man and animal died in the flood. One year later the waters had dried up and Noah's family and animals were able to leave the ark. 
(Ge 8:15-17; 18-19)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge8.20  (Ge 8:20; 21)
Noah built an alter to sacrifice clean animals as a thank offering to the Eternal . Logos was pleased with Noah and promised he would never again flood the whole earth to destroy life. Logos understood that the immature mind of children is inclined toward evil and needs to be trained to love what is right. 
(Pr 22:6)                                                                   
 logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge9.1  (Ge 9:1; 2)   
Noah receives the blessing given to Adam and Eve; Be fruitful and govern the earth. 
(Ge 1:22)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge9.3  (Ge 9:3)          
The correct Hebrew reads: All moving and living creatures that the Eternal (Ye-haYeh) has established for food; as the green plants; the Eternal gives you these also. It is important to remember that Noah understood the law of clean animals that are good for food and acceptable as a sacrificed to the Eternal. 
(Ge 7:2; 8; Le 10:10; 11:4-44) 
Yehawah: Logos  instructed Noah that all life is precious. The life of the animal is in the blood and eating blood is forbidden. 
(Ge 9:4; 5; 6; Le 3:17;  7:26; 17:10-11; 14;  19:26; Dt 12:16; 23-24; 25)
Also Noah is commanded to maintain justice by requiring that a murder of humans must be put to death. 
(Ge 4:10; Nu 35:19; Dt 32:43)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge9.12  (Ge 9:12-13)  
The Rainbow is a sign of the covenant promise. The Eternal will not destroy all life with a flood.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Is43.27  (Is 43:27)    
Adam was a spokesman and the first human father and needed to teach his family the laws of the Eternal. But Satan tempted Adam to sin through Eve.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Je15.19  (Je 15:19) 
Spokesman must listen to the Heavenly Father and live and speak the Words of Truth.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ro5.14  (Ro 5:14)  
Adam disobeyed a direct commandment, “do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Now all mankind is torn between listening to the spiritual influence of Satan the deceiver or the Eternal's Holy Spirit of Truth. The Heavenly Father and Son have not abandoned mankind to Satan's rule. The Spirit of the Eternal contends with mankind's conscience to draw them away from evil desires. The consequences of choosing evil brings suffering upon everyone; but the Eternal has limited human life by the reality of death. Logos promised Adam and Eve that a future Messiah and Spokesman would crush the head of Satan and remove his evil spiritual influence.  
(Dt 6:5-7; 10:12; 13) 
Seth began calling out to Logos for the spiritual guidance that he needed to lead his family and Noah continued to seek righteousness and obey the Eternal Logos. The human family is like a government with the father as the head and his wife is his help mate in raising and teaching their children. Logos is the spokesman for the Heavenly Father's Government and is gradually revealing Spiritual Truth to those who seek him with all their heart and ask for understanding of his laws for life. 
(Dt 4:29-30; 31)
  If people do not seek the Eternal and His Truth. Then they become like Cain and their conscience wanders to lawlessness. The consequences of sinful behavior becomes their teacher. Eventually death puts an end to disobedience.  
(Pr 3:5-7; Jer 29:11-12; 13)
After the flood Logos continued to speak to Noah and the descendants of Shem, Abraham, Isaac,  and Jacob. Logos also spoke to His servant Moses and recorded his laws for life and gave them to the nation of Israel. Logos continued preparing mankind to receive the promised Good News of the government of the Eternal on earth.  The resurrection of the dead and the restoration of  everyone to the knowledge of the unity of Spirit with Eloheyem the Father and Son.  Satan's influence will be removed and everyone is given a renewed opportunity to learn to love and obey the Heavenly Father's commandments and receive the Holy Spirit and enter into Eternal Life. And finally Death will be no more. 
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logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk3.38  (Lk 3:38)  
Yeshua's human mother was a descendant from David and the family of Seth the son of Adam . Yeshua was tempted by Satan and overcame every sinful influence by obeying his Heavenly Father's commandments. 
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(Mt 4:1-3; 4; 5-6; 7; 8-9; 10; 11)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Co15.45  (1Co 15:45-46; 47-48; 49)  
Yeshua is the second man and promised seed of Eve the mother of all mankind. Yeshua came from Heaven and revealed His Spiritual Oneness with the Eternal Father. Yeshua is also Logos the Spokesman and listening to His instruction leads to Eternal Life. To become like Logos requires repentance and the receiving  of the  Holy Spirit. 

(Dt 18:15; 16-17; 18-19)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Co15.21  (1Co 15:21-23; 24-26)     
Logos promised to raise everyone from the dead and bring His Heavenly Father's government to earth. First he will raise to Eternal Life those who were faithful followers and obedient to his commandments. Everyone that has overcome sin and is led by His Holy Spirit will govern with Him in the Kingdom of Eloheyem. The rest of the dead will be raised to physical life and receive the opportunity to learn obedience that leads to Eternal Life. 
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(Ac 3:17-18; 19-20;  21-22)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mt24.36  (Mt 24:36-37)            
 The time of Yeshua's return is decided by the Father. The age of corrupt human government and Satan's rule of mankind will suddenly be destroyed. The END will come like the flood in Noah's Day. Yeshua will return in Great Power and Glory to govern the earth with Righteousness.
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