Nov 24, 2013


Giants in the Land

Hubble Heritage: Super
Stars of; Corina Nebula
Nephilim, Rephaim, and Anakin were giants in Bible history. Were they monsters of untimely birth, the spawn of Satan's seed or the offspring of space aliens? Discover the mysterious sons of the gods.
(P. S. George Noory at Coast-to-Coast A. M.)
Join the hunt for the Sumerians.
Adam & Eve’s Family
(Ge 1:26; 27; 28; 2:7; 9; 16-17; 21; 22; 23-24; ) Yehawah Eloheyem formed from clay the first man in the image and likeness of His Eternal Son Messiah Yeshua. Adam and Eve were created to be like a tree of life in a marriage union conceiving children for the family of Eloheyem the Heavenly Father.
(Ge 3:1; 2-3; 4-5; 13; 14; 15; ) The Adversary planted the tree of evil that opposes Yehawah's true goodness. Satan's deceptive offer of life only brought the knowledge of division and death.

Oct 16, 2013


NASA Hubble Legacy; RS Pup
photo processed by: Stephen Byrne
In Colossians 2:8-11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18-23; The apostle Paul explains what is fulfilled by Messiah Yeshua's suffering and death on the cross. Was the Old Testament law nailed to the cross and the ordained food laws and Sabbaths eliminated? Careful examination of Scripture reveals, "Mysterious Christian" deception within the interpretation of Paul's teaching of Messiah Yeshua Salvation.

Aug 18, 2013


Imaginary Blood Moon covered by;
the Horse Head Nebula, of War:
Tour the Moon at:
What will be the signs of the "End Time" and the arrival of Messiah Yeshua's Kingdom. Heavenly signs are appointed by Yehawah to establish the times  for assembling the family of Eloheyem. 
(Ex 31:13; 16 
Ex 31:17; 18; 
Eze 20:12)
 The Sabbath is forever the appointed (Moed) time to commemorate the Lovingkindness and Saving work of Yehawah. The New Moon and Full Moon are signs for calculating the occurrences of the High Holy Sabbath assemblies of Yehawah. The prophetic sign of the "Blood Moon" will occur before the "End Time Wrath of the Lamb".

Jul 18, 2013

CURSE of the LAW

NASA photo of: M16 Pillars of Creation
image by: J. Hester, P. Scowen (ASU)
pr1995044a/    the Eagle Nebula
Humans have a tendency to express anger or hatred when there is a perceived injustice. The offended person may identify law as the basis for judging and condemning the transgressor. A wrongfully accused person may be convicted or hopefully                                                                                      proven innocent. 
  Opposition to lawlessness may produce intense emotions expressed as anger or hate. People that disobey the law; also "Hate the Law." A lawless society will "Hate a person that teaches obedience to the Law of Eternal Truth." The lawless will "Curse the Law" abiding. 
  Human societies proclaim enlightenment and devise governmental authority founded upon their limited perceptions of physical reality and personal autonomy. Self determination, independence and liberty become false gods when the "Eternal moral Laws are Despised and Rejected" as irrelevant. 
  Scientific theory becomes a god of delusion and politics is the art of lying. Emotional division and personal choice replaces the divine "Oneness of Spirit in Truth." Loving families and marriage between a man and woman becomes anathema to the societal lust for a prostitute and homosexual perversion. The "Curse of the Law" falls upon the innocent person that is Hated for proclaiming the "True Law of Love."

  A conundrum for Christianity exists in their interpretation of apostle Paul's statement:

 (Ga 3:13 NASB) {"Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”}

Jun 25, 2013


photo by: Chris Kotsiopoulos
This post began as a review of; Logos Bible, presentation of a Bible study curriculum titled:
 following God's

Introduction: my first comment is a simple addition to the perspective that students of Scripture are modeling their lives as they learn from the attributes of the people that faithfully follow and obey the instruction of Yehawah Eloheyem.  Yehwawah Logos revealed to Abraham the image and likeness of His Saving Love and the Spiritual work of Redemption and Salvation.

The story of Abraham is divided into eight chapters that draw out historical and cultural narratives that evoke questions and emphasize thoughtful growth in faithfulness. The story flow is easy to read and commentary is linked to old and New Testament Scripture references to verify teaching principles for Bible students. The serialization as presented required further research to correct traditionally held beliefs that promote doctrinal errors. This review is dedicated mainly to the addition of  insights that clarify the Scriptural context relating to each chapter topic. I enjoy using the vast Logos research library, language lexicons and historical reference tools and maps.  Walk with Abraham on the path to the, "Mysterious Promise".
 (Job 12:22; Ec 7:24; Da 2:18-19; 20-21; 23; 31; 32-33; 34; 44; 45; 4:9; 26; 27; 7:9; 10; 11; 13; 14; 18; 21; 22; 25; 26; 27;  Mt 13:11; Ro 11:25; 26; 27; 16:25; 26; 1 Cor 2:7; 8; 9; 10; 13:2; Eph 1:4-5; 6-7; 8-9; 10-11; 12; 13; Col 1:26; 27; 2:2-3; 2 Th 2:7; 8; 1 Ti 3:9-10; 16; Rev 10:5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 17:3; 5; 6; 7; 8; 14)

May 19, 2013


NASA: composite image
Pentecost 50 yr. Jubilee
 (Lev 23:15; 16; 20; 25:10;  27:24)
 Restoring Heart & Home
 (Acts 3:19-20; 21; 1 Cor 15:20; 23)

John 14:6-7; Col 1:13-15; 16; Messiah Yeshua said, "I am the Way, Truth, and the Life". No one comes to the Father except through Yeshua.
(Jn 10:30; 37-38)  Yeshua said, "I am the Father are One". The Father is in Yeshua and Yeshua is in the Father.
(Jn 4:23-24; Ro 1:20; 1 Tim 1:17) The Father is Spirit and He is worshiped in Spirit and Truth.
(Jn 5:37;  Messiah Yeshua said, "no one has seen the Father except the Son". The Father is pure Spirit that is described as an all-consuming fire
(Dt  4:11-12; 13; 24; Isa 33:14; 15; 16).
Exodus 20:4; 5;6; No image or likeness of anything in all creation can represent the Father and it would be idolatrous worship of a false god. The Father is Spirit and does not resemble the created form of humans.

Mar 30, 2013


NASA: photo image
Genesis 1:14; 15-16;  The Eternal Creator established the cycles of the moon sun and stars for signs and seasons that designate the appointed time for sacred assemblies that remember the Yehawah's mercy and salvation.
(Ge 4:3; 18:14; 21:2; Ex 13:10; 23:15; 34:18; Le 23:2; 3-4; 44; Nu 9:2-3; 13; 10:10; Ps 61:7; 75:2; 78:5; 102:13; Is 33:20; 42:6; Je 1:5; 33:14-15; 16-17; 18-19; 20-21;
La 1:15; 2:6-7; 22;
 Eze 33:7; 36:33-34; 35-36; 37-38; 44:24; 45:17;
Da 7:9; 10; 11-12; 13-14; 15-16; 17-18; 19; 20; 21-22; 23-24; 25; 26; 27; 8:19;
Hab 2:2-3; Mk 13:33; Ac 3:20; 17:22-23; 24-25; 26-27; 28-29; 30-31;
Heb 1:1-2; 3; Heb 2:7-8 NASB; Heb 3:2; 7:28; 9:27)

 logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.4150   { מֹועֵד [mowʿed, moʿed,]   AV translates as “congregation”, “feast”, “season”, “appointed”, “time”, “assembly”, “solemn”, “days”, “sign”. 1 appointed place, appointed time, meeting. 1a appointed time. 1a sacred season, set feast, appointed season. 1b appointed meeting. 1c appointed place. 1d appointed sign, 1e tent of meeting.}
[Note: Sabbath Rest; is an Appointed time for the people of Yehawah to assemble to meet with Eloheyem the Father; in the Oneness of His Holy Spirit]

Mar 22, 2013


NASA Hubble photo: NGC3372
star forming in Corina Nebula
   The crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Messiah is the prophetic fulfillment of mankind's rejection of the Holy One. The perfect Oneness of Spirit with the Father, is revealed through the compassionate words of the Savior and Redeemer. Messiah spoke of forgiveness as He suffered searing pain and cruel mocking. The Heavenly Father drew near in the dark clouds that covered the light of the world  like a garment of deeply agonizing love. The Father touched His thorn pierced Son as Yeshua said, "Father unto you i commit my spirit." With a final shout, Messiah roared like a lion, "Yehawshua","Yehawah is Salvation." The earth tremble and shook with intense emotion and the soldiers cried out, "this is the Son of God." 
(Dt 32:15; Isa 53:3; Jn 8:12; 28-29; 10:26; 30; 16:32; Zec 13:7; Lk 23:34; 35; 36-37; 38-39; Psa 22:7-9; 10-11; 22-23; 24; Lk 23:44-45; 46-47; Mt 27:50-51; 54)