Mar 22, 2013


NASA Hubble photo: NGC3372
star forming in Corina Nebula
   The crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Messiah is the prophetic fulfillment of mankind's rejection of the Holy One. The perfect Oneness of Spirit with the Father, is revealed through the compassionate words of the Savior and Redeemer. Messiah spoke of forgiveness as He suffered searing pain and cruel mocking. The Heavenly Father drew near in the dark clouds that covered the light of the world  like a garment of deeply agonizing love. The Father touched His thorn pierced Son as Yeshua said, "Father unto you i commit my spirit." With a final shout, Messiah roared like a lion, "Yehawshua","Yehawah is Salvation." The earth tremble and shook with intense emotion and the soldiers cried out, "this is the Son of God." 
(Dt 32:15; Isa 53:3; Jn 8:12; 28-29; 10:26; 30; 16:32; Zec 13:7; Lk 23:34; 35; 36-37; 38-39; Psa 22:7-9; 10-11; 22-23; 24; Lk 23:44-45; 46-47; Mt 27:50-51; 54) 
For three hours after midday the darkness clung to the earth like a mournful veil. The soldier said, "is he really dead," as a piercing spear brought forth living waters and cleansing sacrificial blood. Time seems still, then the order came from Pontius Pilate, "take down the King of the Jews." Skilled hands of faithful friends extracted nails and embraced the lifeless body with cloth stained crimson and anointed with fragrant tears. The tomb opened its mouth to receive the sinless bread of life as Passover day transcended into the high Holy first day of Unleavened bread. 
(Jn 19:31-32; 33-34; 36-37; 38; 39; 40; 41-42; 6:43-44; 45-46; 47-48; 49-50; 51)

   This High Sabbath is a remembrance of Yehawah saving the children of Abraham from slavery. The Jewish teachers of the law recounted the Seder, while Messiah's disciples hid in fear. The High Holy Sabbath on Thursday faded into Friday as the women purchased burial ointments and prepared for the weekly Sabbath. The Pharisees remembered Messiah's promise to rise on the third day, so soldiers guarded the tomb to prevent the disciples from stealing the body and creating a fictitious resurrection story. Saturday Sabbath rest came peacefully as the temple priests praised the faithfulness of Yehawah Eloheyem but they dare not gaze into the Holy of Holies through the miraculously torn curtain. The soldiers guarding the tomb watch the sun slowly descend toward the horizon. Suddenly the earth was shaken then a brilliant angel appeared and the soldiers collapsed lifeless to the ground.
(Ex 12:5-6; 7-8; 14-15; 17; 18; Lev 23:5-6; Mt 27:62-63; 64; 65-66; Mk 16:1; Lk23:56; Mt 28:2-3)
  The mighty Angel rolled away the stone like a servant entering the chamber's of a great King. Messiah awoke from a timeless dream while angels appeared one after the other to minister to their Eternal Master with bowls of water and fresh garments. The Lord of the Sabbath walked out of the tomb as the sunset adored the Glorious One on His Sabbath day. The passing shadow of Messiah Yeshua revived the  lifeless soldiers and they slowly awakened to find an empty tomb. The terrified soldiers ran quickly to tell their story to the unbelieving Pharisees. 
(Mt 28:11-12; 13-14; 15)

  Evening shadows grew deeper and the full moon began to rise early on the first day of the Hebrew week as Mary Magdalene approached the tomb. Mary was surprised to find the tomb empty. Mary walked away, towards the northwestern sheeps gate of Jerusalem and wonder where Messiah's body had been taken. Mary began to run along the miles of winding streets to the southeast corner of the city of David. Peter and John heard someone knocking at the door then they recognized Mary's voice. Mary tearfully said, "the Messiah, someone has taken Yeshua." Peter and John bolted like lightning and ran to the tomb. The full moon high in the evening sky brightened the open stone doorway. Peter entered and found the burial clothes neatly folded. Mary Magdalene was emotionally and physically exhausted as she arrived to hear Peter and John questioning, "who might have taken the body." Peter and John had forgotten Messiah's promise to rise on the third day and they walked away in disbelief and left Mary weeping at the tomb. 
(Jn 20:1; 2-3; 4; 5-6; 7-8; 9-10)

  Mary's tears formed shining pools at her feet in the quiet loneliness of the night. Then a voice said, "why are you weeping." Mary turned around thinking that the garden tomb caretaker had returned after removing the body of Yeshua. Mary said, "where have you taken Him." Then suddenly the light of life opened Mary's eyes when she heard Yeshua's voice. Messiah Yeshua said, "Mary, do not touch me now, because I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go and tell my disciples that I have risen."
(Jn 20:11-13; 14; 15; 16;17-18; Mk 16:9-10; 11)

  Mary's tears turned to join and she wanted to hold Him, but His word said no, not now. An invisible comforting hand seem to lead her down the long and empty streets of Jerusalem as Mary wondered if she had seen a vision or was it really Messiah Yeshua. A second time Mary knocked at the door of Peter and John and her story reached disbelieving ears. Wearied with grief and physical exhaustion Mary arrived at the door of her girlfriends. Welcomed in, Mary tried to share the miraculous events, but her friends cautiously suggested let's wait until morning and investigate the tomb ourselves.  Sunday dawn arrived and the three women approached the open stone door way and found a young man (an angel) in white garments sitting in the tomb. The man said, "why do you seek the living among the dead, go and tell the disciples that Messiah Yeshua has risen." Later that evening eleven of the disciples were assembled in the Passover supper room, when suddenly Messiah Yeshua appeared to them. Yeshua said, "touch me and see that I am living, flesh and bone, and stop your unbelief." 
(Mk 16:2; 4-5; 6; 7; 8; Lk 24:1-2; 3-4; 5-6; 7-8; Mk 16:11-12; 13-14; Lk 24:37-38; 39-40; 41-43; 44-45; 46-47; 48-49; Mk 16:15)
 Messiah Yeshua died on a Wednesday and arose on Saturday Sabbath just before sunset.   Sunday is not the Lord's day and Easter is derived from the pagan celebration of Ishtar. Why does so-called Christianity teach lies and reject the Commandments of Messiah Yeshua and disregard His Sabbath days? Also, Messiah Yeshua was not abandoned by His Heavenly Father and He did not become our sins. Messiah Yeshua was not a substitution sacrifice and everyone is required to repent of their lawlessness and learned to obediently do what is right by keeping the Eternal Commandments of the Heavenly Father. 
(Mt 12:7-8; Jn 4:23)

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[Was Yeshua forsaken by the Heavenly Father when He cried out ELOI, ELOI ?]
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.410    [ʾel / EL] n m. Shortened from 352; translates as  “God”, “power”, “mighty”, “goodly”, “Immanuel, “strong”, god-like one, mighty one. 
1. Yeshua said, " I and the Father are ONE."
(Jn 10:30)
2. Yeshua is ONE in Spirit with the Father.
(Jn 17:11)
3. EL:  is the Expression of Unity of Spirit that is the Strength of Eternal Life.
(Jn 17:3-4; 5) 

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“Eliyeh” , = Unity of Spirit with Yehawah the Eternal Eloheyem… Yeshua is the ONE and only perfect Son of the Father…
 (Mal 4:5-6; Lk 1:17; Lk 1:30-31; 32-33; Jn 1:14; 15; 16-17; 18) (Mt 9:6; 10:23; 24-25; 12:39; 40; 8; 13:37-38; 39-40; 41; 16:13-14; 15-16; 28; 17:9-10; 11-12; 22-23; 20:18-19; 26:63; 64; Da 7:13; 14;Psa 8:4-5 NASB; 6; Mt 20:28; 24:27; 29; 30;31; 44; 25:31-32; 19:28)

The Gospel by Mark 15:34-35; states that Yeshua cried out ELOI , ELOI; which is similar to EL I AM; that begins
Psalm 22:1. Yeshua was identifying Himself as the Messiah that was forsaken by the people.
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Psalm 22:1 (begins with the Hebrew word) EL-Ye , EL-Ye = EL - I AM , EL- I AM - Yeshua was identifying himself as the Immanuel = with us tabernacles the Spirit of Eloheyem the Eternal (the Christ is the anointing and He came in the flesh)…
 (2 Corinthians 3:17; 18) 
The fullness of the Spirit of the Father dwells in Yeshua His Son.
 (Colossians 2:9)

When Yeshua was dying on the cross; He cried to the people, "why have you forsaken me." 
(Isa 53:3-4; 5; 6; Jn 1:10-11; 12-13; 14; Dt 32:15; Jer 17:13; Psa 22:6-7; 8; 12-13; 14-15; 16-18; 27:10-11; 12-14)
  Even Yeshua's disciples abandoned Him...

Psalm 22:1… should be translated:
" EL - I AM , EL - I AM; to what, abandon me at a distance from?
Salvation (Yeshua) I AM, Proclaiming I Am, Roaring (like a Lion) I AM !!! "

Yeshua's Heavenly Father did NOT forsake His perfect sinless Son. 
(John 16:32; 10:17-18; Psalm 78:7; Daniel 9:4; John 15:9-10; 1John 5:3-4)
Yeshua's disciples abandoned Him, (at a distance). Only the Heavenly Father drew close to help His suffering Son!!! 
(Lk 22:42-44; Jn 17:11-12; 13-14; 15-16; 17-18; 19-20; 21-22; 23-24; Psa 22:3-4; 9-10; 11; 19-20; 21-23; 24;  25-26; 27-28; 29-31)

(Psa 34:4-5; 6-7; 8; 17-18)… the Heavenly Father saves the crushed in spirit…
(Psa 24:3-4; 5; 37:3-4; 5-6; 1Timothy 3:16)…

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Yeshua was vindicated from all false accusations when the Father raised His Son from death…
 ( Acts 2:22; 23; 24; 25-26; 27-28;  4:10-11; 12 ) 
Yeshua triumphed over Sin, Satan and Death.  He is the Perfecter of our Faith…
(Isa 42:1; 2-3; 4; 5; 6; 7) Yeshua will bring justice and salvation to everyone waiting for His return. This  is the " GOOD NEWS " of Yeshua's Kingdom on earth.
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