Mar 7, 2019


John 1:1; In the beginning was the "Word = Logos”, who created or is the "Word" Logos, created? 
The Greek word "Logos" is a personal pronoun that identifies the "Spokesman." Most biblical theologians and rabbinical teachers would agree that there are many titles that represent the One True God of Scripture. 
John 1:1-3; presents a perplexing revelation stating that, "Logos is God" and with "God." Some Bible students attempt to interpret the, "Word" as only what God has spoken. The Greek definition of "Logos" is precisely one of the titles of God. 
There is another interpretation that challenges the Eternal existence of 2 Creator Gods. 
Genesis 1:1; 26; Rabbis teach that "Eloheyem" is only one God who Created everything. The Hebrew word "Eloheyem" is plural and must consist of at least 2 Eternal Creators. The misuse of language creates erroneous theological doctrines that contradict biblical truth to promote humanly devised traditions. The Christian Trinitarian belief, also attempts to portray “One God” as existing simultaneously in the form of 3 beings, titled "Father, Son, Holy Ghost." The Trinity doctrine directly opposes scripture revealing the Father and Son are 2 personal beings with their own unique will and identity. Disciples of the Hebraic  belief in One (God = Eloheyem ) attempt to diminish the Eternal existence of the Son by claiming He was a created being like the Angels. So then, is "Logos" created? 
 The True “Word of Yehawah” reveals the Eternal identity of the Father and Son through their prophetic titles.