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Working out Salvation
(Eph 1:7-8; 9-10; 11-12; 13; 
Php 2:1; 2-3; 4-5; 6-7; 8-9; 10-11; 12; 13)

  What is true love? Here are 5 conditions that nurture loving relationships. The 1st essential quality for companionship is agreement. It may seem simply obvious that agreement is the beginning of a bond. The 2nd insight reveals character through the examining of foundational rules for life. The Eternal established truth to nurture and preserve loving bonds. The 3rd facet is love in action. Wisdom discerns the difference between good and evil by applying truth and behaving justly towards everyone equally. The 4th refinement is the building of trust. Patient observation of love is like a mirror reflection and what is offered in peace is returned in Thanksgiving. The 5th offering of a union through gentle mercy mends broken hearts. Right judgment desires restoration and renewed agreement within all of the above; these are 5 conditions of a covenant relationship and a foundation for True Love.

Family Tree; the Story of Salvation:

Salvation vs Evil: a sin-opt-us

Like Father Like Son

  Imagined 2 Eternal Spirit beings living in perfect unity and love. The essence of their structure is knowledge that sustains oneness. Their unity reflect laws that formulated the patterns for creating and propagating life. The Heavenly Father and Son planned to extend the Eloheyem family by creating beings in the image and likeness of the Son.
  The Heavenly Father formed the 1st angel Lucifer to be a mirror reflection of the Eternal Son. A glorious multitude of unique angelic beings expanded the Eloheyem family. The Father is the head of a Heavenly Kingdom and governs with His Spirit of power, truth, and love. 
  Lucifer devised an altered perception of life separate from the governing authority of the Heavenly Father and Son. Lucifer promised power and freedom so that his followers would be enslaved to lies and self deception. Lucifer became the adversary Satan and the enemy of life.
  Throughout Eternity the Father and Son never anticipated evil thoughts. The gift of life comes from unity of Spirit and True Love in the Eloheyem family. Now a shadow of darkness was creeping into the Kingdom of Light.  Angelic beings were created with the perception of spiritual unity and their free will became a choice to love truth or be divided by lies.

2 Family Trees

  The plan to shine light into the darkness brought forth the glorious expanse of the physical universe. An Eternal teardrop watered a spec of dust and life bloomed from an empty earth. From the clay Yehawah Eloheyem molded a man and breathed life into him. The 1st man Adam received spiritual intellect and knowledge of the physical creation. The Eternal formed Adam in a way that would promote a deeper spiritual understanding of unity maintained by true love. Adam realized the 1st marriage bond when Eve was formed from his rib. Adam and Eve would share in the Eternal's creative nature through the conceiving and nurturing of children in their image and likeness.
  Yehawah the Son walked with Adam and Eve in the garden paradise and the Spirit of the Father revealed knowledge of His presence. The Tree of Life is Spiritual Oneness in the family of Eloheyem. Adam and Eve were warned, “do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or you will surely die.” The Eternal examines the thoughts and tests the motivations within the heart of every person. Would Adam and Eve understand and desire the Tree of Life or be tempted by Satan the deceiver the father of lies.

A Weaker Vessel or Powerful Love?

  Yehawah the Son instructed Adam and Eve in the way of the Heavenly Father's loving governmental authority. The Eternal attributes of spiritual love accompanied the physical creation of man and woman. The complementary design of male and female anticipates a union of body, mind, and spirit. Adam was formed 1st to be the leader of his family and Eve is eloquently mated for the nurturing of children. The 1st man and woman were gifted with the responsibility and authority to raise children in the Eloheyem family. Adam and Eve would govern the earth in accord with the Heavenly Father's commandments and teach their children the way to eat of the Tree of Life.

Temptation to Rule

  The Heavenly Father formed all life with the aspect of free will that is constrained by spiritual self-awareness and the need for relationships that promote unity and love. Love willingly offered in self-sacrifice reveals the heartfelt desire to form a perfect marriage covenant of mutual devotion and service for the Genesis of life.
  The adversary Satan exalts self-will as a spiritual power to manipulate relationships by distorting perceptions of values and goals. Satan desired to rule over Adam and Eve by altering their understanding of the Heavenly Father's revealed truth. Satan speaks a spiritual language of deception and pretends to offer wisdom that will grant power to rule over others through temptation. Seductive lies may lead a person away from devotion to a covenant love and obedience to the Eternal Father's commandments. Satan deceived Eve by offering a false perception of wisdom that planted the seed of doubt that led her away from the Father of Truth.

Spiritual Division

  Listening to Satan;s spirit of lies distorted Eve's ability to discern the difference between Good and Evil. Eve desired to influence Adam with her new way of thinking. Adam perceived the change in his marriage relationship that pulled him away from emulating the Heavenly Father's leadership of his family. Adam chose to listen to Eve and they became willing participants in the seduction of Evil against the Good. Satan's Mysterious Kingdom manipulates the human family with a spirit of lies that lead them into the captivity of sin and rebellion against the Heavenly Father's commandments.

Hope of Salvation

  The Heavenly Father and Logos the Son did not abandon Adam and Eve to enslavement under Satan's spiritual influence. The Eternal Yehawah Logos continued to speak the words of truth to Adam and Eve. Serious consequences would occur when the human family chooses to follow the spirit of evil that promotes sin and death. Logos promised Adam and Eve that a future, “son of a woman” would, “crush the head of Satan” and remove the spirit of Lies and Evil. The prophetic future, “seed of the woman” would be the Messiah and Savior, “a 2nd Adam” and destined to restore the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father on earth. The Savior would live a perfect life of obedience to the Heavenly Father and teach all mankind the way that leads to the Eternal Tree of Life.

Mystery of Lawlessness

  The Spirit of the Father contends for the conscience of every person by pulling their thoughts towards truth and away from Satan's spirit of deception. The further person wanders from truth; then their enslavement to sin becomes stronger. Satan governs his Mysterious Kingdom from the spiritual realm of, “Tartarosas" a place of bondage and limitations. Satan understands that mankind was created with the purpose of becoming children of the Yehawah Eloheyem the  Father and destined to replace fallen angels in the Eternal's government. Satan pretends to offer humans the power and authority to rule over mankind by practicing deception that promises Freedom from the Eternal's Laws. Satan's spirit of deception is the voice of the ancient gods that spoke in the mind of sinful mankind that rebelled against the True Yehawah Eloheyem.

Religion and Government

  The Heavenly Father is the head of His Eloheyem family and created Adam and Eve in His image and likeness to be formed into a spiritual unit that governs in love and propagates life. Satan creates division in the human family by perverting perceptions of the Heavenly Father's words of Truth. Human history records 6000 years of mankind forming religions and governments that seemed to originate from their own imagination or perception of the created universe. Human intellect may assume that knowledge is gathered through the examination of the laws governing the physical creation. The pursuit of knowledge does not explain the awareness of self examination, “called conscience” and the internal sensitivity to spiritual influences that motivate human interaction and facilitate the establishment of social order. Government and religion established by humans assume there right to judge what is good or evil for themselves. Human discernment of Truth may be spiritually deceived by Satan and the accompanying consequences of false religion and government brings suffering and death to the human family of Adam and Eve.

One Yehawah Eloheyem Family

  The Heavenly Father established all laws that govern His creation. The Father's Spirit of Holiness sustains all life by His perfect law of Love. The Father's commandments are spiritually imprinted within human conscience and each person is aware of their choice to sin and rebel against the Eternal's laws. Sin is a self deceptive attempt to deny awareness of the Heavenly Father and His laws. Violating the Eternal's laws of Love will divide families, promote cruelty and violence, spread disease and lawlessness, cause warfare and death. Human religious and governmental leaders promise peace and salvation; but they teach rebellion and disobedience to the Heavenly Father's commandments by following the spirit of Satan.

Seeds of Salvation

  Yehawah Logos the Eternal Son speaks the words of Truth to anyone that listens to the Spirit of the Heavenly Father. Courageous leaders like Seth, Enoch and Noah faithfully listen to the Words of Truth and observed the tragic consequences caused by human sinfulness. Enoch and Noah lived a righteous life and proclaim truth to the Lawless and rebellious descendants of Cain the son of Adam. The Eternal brought judgment against sinful man with a flood of destruction; but Saved righteous Noah and his family.
  Noah's righteous leadership of his family would gradually be replaced by a generation that desired to follow the way of Cain. A grandson of Hamm; named Nimrod believed he was the promised, “seed of a woman the 2nd Adam” and he would Save mankind by establishing his government on earth. Nimrod portrayed his courage and great strength as a sanctuary and promise of peace and security to his followers. Nimrod was accompanied by a female temptress that seduced people into the acceptance of indulging in sexual perversion that violated Noah's clear teaching of the Eternal's Commandments that protect marriage, family, and life. Nimrod and his Hi-priestess of prostitution devised a pantheon of false gods in their own image and likeness. The spirit of Satan clouded the minds of Nimrod's followers with the temporary pleasure of sensual lust and every form of self-destructive immorality which is idolatry and the worship of Satan's demonic kingdom. Nimrod evolved the “Babylonian Mystery Religion” that attempted to fade the memory of the true Creator and the Salvation of Noah's Ark and the flood that came upon sinful mankind.

Sacrifice of Faith

  Logos Yehawah Eloheyem spoke to Abraham and said, “Leave your homeland and walk with me to a new land that I will give you.” Abraham believed Logos and departed from the generations of Nimrod. Abraham began his walk of faithful obedience to the voice of the Eternal Logos Melchizedek the King of peace and Prince of Righteousness. Abraham look forward to the promised restoration of unity of spirit with the Heavenly Father and the Kingdom of the Eternal Eloheyem family on earth. Abraham loved righteousness and became a father of faithfulness and he taught his children obedience to the voice of Logos the words of Eternal Truth.

Justice and Government

  Abraham envisioned the promised, “Good News of the Kingdom of Melchizedek” and 430 years later Logos appointed Moses to be a spokesman and proclaim, “Salvation” to the tribes of Israel. Logos rescued the children of Abraham from the Pharaoh of Egypt who believed he was the son of the gods and ordained King. Freeing Israel from Satan's deception and their captivity in sin would be a difficult journey in the wilderness. Logos Yehawah Eloheyem proclaimed His Spiritual Laws to Moses and the tribes of Israel from Mount Sinai and recorded His Commandments in tablets of stone for all future generations of mankind. Abraham's descendants that faithfully obey the voice of the Eternal would inherit the promised kingdom and become the nation Israel that proclaims Salvation to all nations.

Promised Land

  Yehawah Eloheyem performed miraculous wonders and revealed His powerful Salvation to the descendants of Abraham. The 13 tribes of Israel often stumbled into sin and followed Satan's spirit of rebellion against the Eternal's Commandments. For 40 years the Israelites wandered in the wilderness of sin because they did not grow in faith and learn to trust the Eternal. Yehawah Eloheyem the Logos chose Moses to speak to Israel and correct their lawless disobedience. Moses would teach a new generation of Israelites a life of faithful obedience, righteous judgments, loving kindness and the mercy that reveals True knowledge of the Eternal's Salvation. Moses viewed the promised land from mount Nebo and died peacefully anticipating the Kingdom of Melchizedek Logos and the promised resurrection.
(Deut 18:18; Acts 3:15; 17-18; 19-20; 21; 22; 23-24; 25; 26)

Prophetic Word

  Moses's assistant Joshua was anointed with the Holy Spirit to continue leading the Israelites into the promised land. Joshua's Hebrew name, “Yehawashua meansYehawah brings Salvation and symbolically looks forward to the promised Messiah Yeshua". Logos Yehawah led Joshua and the armies of Israel to many victories as they entered the promised land and drove out the wicked and idolatrous pagan inhabitants of Canaan. The nation of Israel would continue to triumph over sin if they would trust and obey Almighty Yehawah Commandments. Leaders in Israel became Judges and Prophets that proclaimed Spiritual Truth and envisioned future events.

Shepherd King

  David's heart sang praise to Yehawah's Glorious Majesty and Merciful Lovingkindness. A young shepherd's courageous faith in Almighty Yehawah gave him victory over a Giant enemy named Goliath.  Anointed with the Holy Spirit, David became king of Israel and envisioned the Promise of a Messiah King reigning on His throne forever. David desired to build a house to honor Yehawah Eloheyem. Later Solomon would construct a magnificent Temple and the Shekinah glory of Yehawah entered the most Holy Sanctuary. The Eternal's light was shining in Israel and visible to all nations.

Wisdom and Unfaithfulness

  Solomon asked for wisdom to govern Israel, but he was not faithful to obey Yehawah's Commandments. Solomon married many foreign wives that led him to worship the idolatrous false gods of pagans. Solomon's example led Israel into sin. A divided and faithless nation was easily conquered by their enemies and taken into captivity because of their sins against Yehawah's Covenant Commandments.

Promised Restoration

  Prophets of Israel had warned of the consequences occurring from enslavement to sin. Yehawah revealed His mercy by restoring the tribe of Judah and Levi after 70 years in Babylonian captivity. Judah rebuilt Jerusalem and Levi restored Temple worship as they awaited the time for the Messiah King to restore all of the nation of Israel to the Promised Covenant inheritance. The rest of the nation of Israel was scattered among the nations, becoming lost and forgetful of the times.

Small Beginnings

  Angels announced the birth of a child in Bethlehem Judea and shepherds gazed with awe upon a babe in a humble manger. The Living Eternal Word of Truth Tabernacled with His people in a young man as He spoke to the teachers of the law in His Father's House. The law of Love was forsaken by the wise for the empty profit of the praise of men. Religious leaders and governing authorities sit in judgment as they condemn the innocent. Power is made Perfect through Weakness and the Righteous One will be Vindicated and Judge all the rulers of the earth.

 Yeshua is Salvation

  The Promised Seed fell to the earth and planted True Salvation in the hearts and minds of believers in Messiah Yeshua. As a Seed dies it is renewed and bears fruit that leads to Eternal Life. If you love Messiah Yeshua you will keep His commandments and the Father will Love you and Tabernacle in the sanctuary of your heart and mind. Messiah Yeshua came to reveal the Father and declared the "Good News" of the restoration of all things in the Kingdom of Yehawah on earth.

Zion Home Coming

   The Sting of Death is Sin that comes from the spirit of Satan's rebellion against the Heavenly Father's governing authority. Satan will be cast out and mankind will be freed from the deceptive lies of Yehawah's enemy. The law will go out from Zion and all nations will come to Messiah Yeshua and learn His Righteous way to live. The Books of Truth will be opened for everyone to understand and the dead will rise from their graves with trembling and bow before the King of Eternal Life. No human eye has seen or have their minds understood what Yehawah has stored up for those who Love Him. A new heaven and earth will be created in which only Righteousness will continue Forever. All wickedness will be consumed in a fiery judgment that will put an end to all the works of Satan the devil and his followers.

Mystery of Babylon and the Harlot

  Satan disguises himself as an angel of light but he teaches lawlessness, so it is not surprising that the antichrist religion teaches that the Commandments of Yehawah and the Sabbath have been eliminated. Satan's followers believe in the "Scape Goat" pagan sacrifice of injustice and do not honor Messiah Yeshua. Satan's followers believe pagan mythology that they have an immortal soul and will go to heaven when they die and the unbelieving go to hell and eternal torment. The antichrist religion does not teach the "Good News" of the Kingdom of Messiah Yeshua and the continuing work of salvation for all mankind. Why does most of Christianity follow Satan's antichrist religion?

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