Mar 26, 2011


NASA Apollo 11
  Question: do human beings have an immortal soul? The topic of Eternal Life is throughout the Bible. When  the first man Adam was created he became a living being. Bible translators often use the modern word (soul) to substitute for the original languages. In the old testament Hebrew language describes Adam as a living creature (chey–yeha nephesh) which means a living being dependent upon breath (air). The New Testament Greek language uses the word psyche to describe the intellectual knowledge of self-awareness and free will to express the life in humans. The word soul is constructed from the Hebrew and Greek words that do not contain any reference to immortality.

Mar 16, 2011


Hubble Heritage

   The Day of Atonement: Reveals the Eternal Creator's participation in the struggle of good against evil. Symbolism is used within the ritualistic animal sacrifices of Levitical Priestly Law. For symbolism to be properly understood there must be a clear association between the ritual performed in the Old Testament and the revealed truth defined in corresponding scriptural references. Many New Testament quotes portray atonement sacrificial imagery as identifiers of doctrinal prescriptions for salvation.

Mar 2, 2011


photo by: SSRO; Rick Gilbert
[Lucifer means: bringer of light or Morning Star]. The Heavenly Father and Son created Lucifer and placed him over a third of the angels and he was a powerful spiritual leader filled with wisdom and talented in music and song. The Father and Son continued creating a universe filled with stars and planets; with one special earth which would be a center for their creative work.