Apr 5, 2012

666 the BEAST n U

Osiris & Isis
derived from: Anu & Ki
Revelation 13:18 (Amos 5:26; Ac 7:43; Je 7:18;  44:17; 18; 19) The Number of the Beast is 666 and is the number of a man. The Prophet Daniel received wisdom and understanding from Eloheyem the Eternal. Daniel lived most of his life in Babylonian captivity.
 (Da 1:3; 4; 5-6; 17;18-19; 20-21) Daniel learned the Babylonian language and their sexagesimal mathematical system. The number 666 evolved mystical significance from earlier Sumerian and Akkadian culture that developed the Babylonian religion. Daniel remained faithful to [ אֱלֹהִים ] the True Eloheyem of Abraham and Moses. Moses recorded in the book of Genesis the significance of the 6th day was the creation of man in the image and likeness of Eloheyem. 
(Ge 1:26; 31) The Great Flood of Noah's day did not remove human's desire to sin and rebel against the Eternal's laws.
The worship of the True Eloheyem was corrupted by Nimrod and his wife Semiramis as they devised a pantheon of false Sumerian gods. Anu the star god was their father of deities and he ruled the heavens. Anu is represented by the Sumerian sign [] that transitioned to 

  and to ; the number 600.     
Ki is the mother earth goddess "Ninhurhsag; (Lady of Mountains 

[or mother of gods and later the Egyptian Isis or Hathor). Ki is the fertility goddess crowned with horns [ sign of Torus or  holding a  scepter of Life ]. The union of Anu with Ki produced Enlil and EnKi. Enlil the god of air and storms; may also be named Nin-Ur-ta or Kiyyun the god of war. EnKi is god of the waters of life, wisdom and healing; 
logosres:nasb95;ref=BibleNASB95.Am5.26   (Am 5:26NASB; Acts 7:43) The people celebrated the spirit of anointing in Anu and Ki that gave life to Enlil the Destroyer and EnKi; later called Rephan the healer 
     logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.7495  רָפָא [ rapha ] healer ( symbolized by the  double helix snake ) the caduceus represents the knowledge of good and evil. Satan pretends to be the source of wisdom ; but deceives people with his spirit of lies.  
 The Sumerian religion attempted to distort the True Creation in Genesis and replace it with a contrived mythological mystery story. Worship of Ki transferred deity status to a human high priestess Inanna; “Queen of Heaven.” [or ♏]  Inanna changed to Dianna                           [] and developed "The Great Prostitution" and temple fertility services that were adopted by other cultures for their female goddess worship;
עַשְׁתְּרֹת קַרְנַיִם  [ Ashtaroth-Qerneyem ] means Star of the two horned; goddess of fertility in Babylon & Bashan; also called Isis, Ishtar, and Aphrodite.  The original worship of Anu; transformed into a triad with Enlil and Enki. 

The Egyptian followed a similar pattern of religious mysticism that attempted to organize every facet of life and even transcend the emptiness of death. The Egyptian gods held the Key to Eternal Life; (symbolized by an AnKh [ ☥ ] scepter). The Egyptian Pharaoh was a son of the gods and governed with absolute authority. The word Pharaoh; (pr-aa means Great House ) [  is similar to П ].  The Egyptians expressed the vital essence of life as the [ Ka ] within each person. The mystical power [ Akh ] magically influences the spirit in humans. All living things are subject to the spiritual controls of the gods.
Evolving diversity of cultures maintained a synchronicity of mythological beliefs. The gradual transition of symbols and deities to the Greek and Roman language continued to convey the original Babylonian Mystery Religion. There are 3 principal Mysteries transcending all human belief systems:

1st what is the origin of life and creation.

2nd does the spirit of life [ Ki ] in humans continue beyond death;   SOUL & IMMORTALITY ? 

3rd what establishes governing authority within human society.

 Daniel was acquainted with the Babylonian Mysteries and the practice of Numerology that was used to create perceptions of magical spiritual power. The number 666 was a very important symbol for the Babylonian Religion. The alphabetical letter [ X ]  represented the number 600 and portrayed the mystical understanding that promises Eternal Life and empowers a man that would become the [ Savior ]. The [ X  ] is also the symbol for the word OX [AKS] and golden calves were idolatrously worshiped as a god. The [ X ] is also used as assign of governing authority given to a man that represents the gods.  The pharaohs  [ m_k_s-staff or w_a_s-scepter of power that had an animal head ] is top by horns of the [ OX ] also the Egyptian Ankh [  ] symbolized the Key to Eternal Life.  The Pope's staff  also possesses an X and a P [  ] to impersonate the governing authority of the True Messiah Yeshua. 
The Babylonian number 60 is also the alphabetical symbol for Ki [ M or the Greek  ξʹ ] and mystically represents spiritual inner strength within a man. The shape [ M ] is pronounced chi or Ki and is used to represent powerful warlords with the title Kaiser or Caesar.  The Greek [  Ξξ ,Xφ or ΧΨ and ΧΣ ] and Greek to Latin [ΧП to XP] languages incorporate the symbol [ X ] and [ M ] combination to form the  pronunciation [ chi ] that continued the idea of  [ Anointing or being Christened ] with spiritual power in a man [ A_S or ϛʹ ]. The Babylonian  phonetical sound for [ A_S ] represents a man and is the number 6, the Egyptian [ ] is the symbol for son. The Greek S [ ϛʹ  ] is also the number 6.
The number 666 reveals the secret mystical charismatic and spiritual power within a man that is led by the spirit of Satan that powerfully influences his followers. The number 666 [ χʹ ξʹ ϛʹ ] or the greek words ἑξακόσιοι [hexakosioi for 600 ] ἑξήκοντα [hexekonta for 60 ] ἕξ [hex for 6 ] is Satan's Anti-Christ and he continues the pagan winter solstice celebration of the unconquerable sun worship [ X M AS ]. Satan's Anti-Christ opposes the Good News of the Kingdom of Eloheyem the Father and the true Messiah Yeshua. 
(Jn 5:39-40; 17:2-3;  1Jn 1:1; 2; 3; 5:18-9; 10; 11; 12-13; 14-15; 16; 17-18; 19; 20; 21; Ro 2:7-8; 6:19; 20; 21-22; 23; Ga 6:8;  Lk 10:25-26; 27-28)
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 logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.595  אָנׄכִי [ʾanokiy /aw·no·kee/] Anu-Ki : is a primitive 1st person pronoun; “I”; Anu-Ki may also be an idolized  image of  humans or false gods ; the True "I AM" is Yehawah Eloheyem = Logos = Yeshua. 

      logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.1598   גָּנַן [ganan /gi-anan/] is a primitive root that means : to defend, cover, surround. Gi-anan may also be the root word for Inanna the horned goddess.

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