Jun 20, 2011


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   Yeshua came the first time; to announce the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven. He will return a second time to govern the earth. Yeshua revealed to His disciples many mysteries about the future plans of the Father.          (Mt 16: 27-28; 17:1-2; 3)  The disciples witnessed a vision of the Glorified Messiah; talking to Moses and Eli-Yeha-wu in the Kingdom. They later asked why do the scribes say Eli-Yeha must come first; (before the Kingdom comes???) Who is Eli-Yeha? Hebrew names contain a treasure of hidden information within a few words. Digging deeper will uncover a wealth of understanding.
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.452   אֵלִיָּה, אֵלִיָּהוּ [ʾEli-yeha, ʾEli-yeha-wu /eLi·yeha·wu/] Eli-Yeha is the Spirit of the Eternal; Eli-Yeha-wu is the prophet.
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.5030  נָבִיא [nabiyʾ /naw·bee/] translates as “prophet”
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.410   אֵל, אֵל [ʾel /ale/] El: expresses Unity of Spirit; shortened from; 352 
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.352    אַיִל [ʾayil /ah·yil/] a-yeel or A-yil: portrays Strength; as a tree, mighty leader, a ram or sacrifice. same as; 193
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.193    אֱוִיל [ʾuwl /ool/] ewyel or uw-el: meaning to twist, i.e. (by implication) be strong; or “mighty”, “strength” 
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.430  אֱלֹהִים [ʾeloheyem /el·o·heem/] El-lo-hey-yem: proclaims; Unity of Spirit with the Father is the Strengh of Life!!!
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.426   אֱלָהּ  [ʾelahh /el·aw/]  Eloh: many titles of the Eternal; begin with El- and are wrongly translated as god; which is a pagan oath
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.433    אֱלֹוהַּ [ʾelowahe] El-lo-wah-e: is the name of one member of the Eloheyem Family; His title expresses Unity of Spirit and that He reveals Oneness by bring it into the creation.,  it is rarely used (shortened from 426) /el·o·ah/]
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3050      יָהּ [Yahh /yaw/] Yeh or Yahh: means; I AM or the Eternal. 
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.3068    יְהוִה [Yehawah /yeh·ha·waw/] Ye-ha-wah or Yahovah: is a name for both the Father or the Son; they are Eternal and bring all of creation into being.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ge33.20  (Ge 33:20) There he set up an altar and called it El Elohe Israel. El Elohe of Israel: is the Logos the Son and He is the Spokesman for the Father.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Dt32.15   (Dt 32:15) (Israel; was up-right: but) grew fat and kicked; filled with food, he became heavy and sleek. Israel abandoned the (Elowahe) who made him and rejected the Rock his Savior. This is a prophetic statement of the future rejection of the Messiah; Yeshua; the Eli-Yeha the El-Elohe of Israel.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Ki17.1  (1Ki 17:1)  Now Eli-Yeha-wu the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the (Yehawah), the (Elohe) of Israel, lives, whom I serve.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Ki18.21  (1Ki 18:21) Eli-Yeha-wu went before the people and said, “How long will you waver? If the (Yehawah) is (Eloheyem), follow him
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Ki19.10   (1Ki 19:10) Eli-Yeha-wu spoke to (Yehawah)(Elohe) Almighty;  (Elohe) whispered.   13 Eli-yeha-wu  listened; 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Ki19.14   (1Ki 19:14) Eli-Yeha-wu said, “I have been very zealous for the (Yehawah)(Elohe) Almighty; Israel has rejected Your covenant, 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Ki19.16  (1Ki 19:16) Eli-Yeha-wu anoints Eli-Yeshua
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.2Ki2.9  (2Ki 2:9) Eli-Yeshua asked to receive the same Spirit in Eli-Yeha-wu
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.2Ki2.10  (2Ki 2:10) Eli-Yeshua received the same Spirit of the Eternal that is in Eli-Yeha-wu (a Duplicate = senayim)
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.477  Eli-Yeshua or El is Yeshua: means the Spirit of Yehawah is salvation
logosres:strongs;ref=HebrewStrongs.8147  To copy or duplicate
logosres:twot;ref=TWOT.TWOT_No._2421a [ šĕnayim] is not plural but dual, a formation common in the Semitic languages. This indicates a conceptual differentiation between unity on the one hand and plurality on the other, i.e. a “pair,” “couple.”


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mal4.5  (Mal 4:5) Eli-Yeha the Prophet; refers to the First arrival of the Messiah - Immanuel. Yeshua is the Spirit of Unity with Eloheyem the Father (Eli-Yeha)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Dt18.15  (Dt 18:15) Moses proclaimed the promised Prophet.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ac3.22  (Ac 3:22) Listen to the prophet Eli-Yeha; Messiah; Yeshua.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ac3.23  (Ac 3:23) Listen to Eli-Yeha; Yeshua for Salvation (Acts 3:25; 26)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn5.17  (Jn 5:17) Yeshua and the Heavenly Father work together and are ONE in Spirit. Yeshua does what his Father is doing.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn10.30  (Jn 10:30) Yeshua said, "i and the Father are One."
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn14.10  (Jn 14:10) The Father is Spirit and Dwells in those  who Love Him and keep His Commandments.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn10.36  (Jn 10:36) Yeshua is the Eternal Son of the Father.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn12.44-45  (Jn 12:44-45) When people see  Yeshua then they also see the Father.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn10.27  (Jn 10:27) The Heavenly Father shares His Holy Spirit of Truth with everyone that listens to Yeshua and Follows His Teachings.


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk1.15  (Lk 1:15) John received the Holy Spirit before he was born.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk1.15-16  (Lk 1:16) John is motivated by the Spirit of Yehawah Eloheyem the Father ; to turn people back to Him . Yeshua is the physical presence of the Holy Spirit; Oneness with the Father; the Eli-Yeha.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn1.33  (Jn 1:33) John was sent by the Heavenly Father to baptize. The Father identified His Son; the Holy One.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mt3.17  (Mt 3:17) The Father Spoke from Heaven!!!
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk1.17  (Lk 1:17)John the Baptist; will go before the Yehawah; Messiah. Johnis motivated by the  spirit and power of Eli-Yeha. John is NOT the Eli-Yeha. John taught the people to repent of their sinful lawlessness and be Baptized for the Forgiveness of their sin. 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn1.6  (Jn 1:6-8; 31-32; 33-34)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mt3.1  (Mt 3:1) In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea and saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk3.7   (Lk 3:7; 8) John said to the crowds coming out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.
 logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk3.15   (Lk 3:15; 16) The people were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Christ. 16 John answered them all, “I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.  
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn1.19   (Jn 1:19; 20; 21) Levitt's ask John who he was. John said, “I am not the Christ.” They asked him, “Then who are you? Are you Elijah?” He said, “I am not.” “Are you the Prophet?” He answered, “No.” 
Yeshua said; 
(Mt 11:10) John is the one about whom it is written:" 
 (Lk 3:4; Isa 40:3)  (Mal 3:1)   “,I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. 
Them the Yehawah Logos: Messiah of the covenant, will come!!!


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mal3.2   (Mal 3:2; 3; 4; 5) But who can endure the day of (Messiah's) coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. 3 He will  refine and purifier of the Levites. Then the Yehawah will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness,
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mk9.7  (Mk 9:7) The Heavenly Father commanded the  disciples; "Listen to My Son!!!"
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mk9.12    (Mk 9:12) And Yeshua said to them, “Eli-Yeha does first come and will restore all things.  (Yeshua began proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth. Yeshua revealed a deeper understanding of the law. True repentance is a change of the Heart and Mind ; with the help of the Holy Spirit!!! )Yeshua asked; how is it written of the Son of Man that He will suffer many things and be treated with contempt? 13 “But I say to you that Eli-Yeha has indeed come, and they did to him whatever they wished, just as it is written of him. (Yeshua is the Suffering Messiah; Eli-Yeha. The prophets DID NOT speak about Johns suffering.)(Mt 17:11; 12) The disciples thought Yeshua meant John was the Eli-Yeha; Yeshua ment John spoke as the Spirit of the Father taught him. 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk4.16-18  (Lk 4:16-17; 18) Yeshua began teaching the GOOD NEWS of the Kingdom by reading from Isaiah 61:1; 2, The Spirit of Eloheyem-Yehawah is upon me; the Father has anointed Yeshua to be the Messiah. Yeshua will free people from their enslavement to sin by the power of His Holy Spirit. When Yeshua returns the second time He will bring His Father's Kingdom to earth.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk4.24  (Lk 4:23-24; 28-29) Yeshua said he was a prophet like Eli-Yeha-wu and Eli-Yeshua-wu. Yeshua is the Eternal Holy One and he is One in Spirit with the Father. The people were enraged at Yeshua and tried to kill him.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Lk7.20  (Lk 7:20) John the Baptist asked if Yeshua is the promised One? The prophets spoke as the Holy Spirit of Christ motivated them to proclaim the future  coming of the Messiah; who is the Holy One Eli-Yeha. 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Mt11.12  (Mt 11:12) The Kingdom of Heaven is being revealed by the Power of the Spirit of Eli-Yeha. John is a servant of the Eternal; he is NOT the Eli-Yeha 
(Lk 3:16) The Prophets up to John predicted the Messiah coming in the Power of the Holy Spirit; the Holy One ; Immanuel ; Elohe with us; The Eternal King. Yeshua is the Eli-Yeha; and He will returne soon to Restore all things in the Kingdom!!!
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Pe1.10 (1Pe 1:10; 11) The Prophets spoke as they were moved by the Spirit of Christ (the anointing of the Spirit of Eli-Yeha) in them. Predicting the sufferings of Christ; Messiah; Yeshua; the Eli-Yeha and the glories that would follow.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Re19.10   (Re 19:10) Worship Eloheyem the Father! For the testimony of Yeshua; Eli-Yeha is the spirit of prophecy.” (2Co 3:17; 18)
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn13.15  (Jn 13:15) So that; we may become like Him. (Jn 15:20; 21-22; 23) (Lk 6:40;  Mt 10:24)


logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.2Co3.17   (2Co 3:17) Now the Yeshua; Eli-Yeha is the Spirit and His Spirit is transforming us into His Image and Likeness .
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.2Co5.17   (2Co 5:17) Therefore, if anyone is in Christ (the Anointing of the Holy One), he is a new creation.
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn14.16  (Jn 14:16) (The original Greek sentence should be read; like this)Yeshua said I will ask the Father;  (He is the) other encourager; giving to you; so that united with you forever (He) may be. The Spirit of Truth; which the world is NOT able to receive; because NOT perceiving Him are NOT Knowing... 

[The Father is the invisible Spirit of Holiness and He will dwell in us forever; and we will be United together in Him with Yeshua...
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logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Jn4.2  (1Jn 4:2) Yeshua is the Eli-Yeha; the Spirit of Holiness and Oneness with the Father. He entered the world by becoming Flesh. Yeshua came to draw everyone to the Father. 
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Jn17.3  (Jn 17:3) This is Eternal Life; Knowing the only True Eloheyem the Father and His Perfect Son!!!
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Ac3.21  (Ac 3:21) Yeshua will continue His Father's work of Restoring all people to a right relationship with Him. The Good News of the Kingdomof Heaven on earth. The 1st. Resurrection of the dead begins; 1000 yrs. to Renew and Govern the earth.
 (Isa 2:3; 4). (Rev 20:4; 5)
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The  2sc. Resurrection of Judgement; continues the teaching of  Righteousness and Restoration for everyone 
(Is 45:23; 24; Ro 14:11; Php 2:10-11; 12-13) (Mk 10:25-26; 27).
 Then the Final Judgement and coming of the NEW Heaven and earth for Eternal Righteousness!!!
logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.1Co15.25  (1Co 15:25) Yeshua will Restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. He will reign until everyone learns to Love and Obey the Father's commandments.Then the Kingdom is Returned to the Father; the Spirit of Life.

logosres:niv;ref=BibleNIV.Re21.5  (Re 21:5)The Heavenly Father makes all things NEW and the SABBATH REST is RESTORED!!!